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    Summer 2019 Playoff Schedule Posted

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    Fall Youth League Registration Open

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4X4 Rules

*Applies to Somerville 4x4. Canton 4x4 plays using 5x5 rules*

Remember, you are responsible for following these rules. Please read them thoroughly.

League Info:

In addition to the Full-ice rules listed here, please read and understand the following rules

  • All players must be 18 years of age.
  • All players must be registered with MA Hockey League and sign a waiver for this league in order to participate including substitute players.
  • Wearing full equipment is recommended; including a cage, pants, elbow pads and shoulder pads. A minimum of a helmet, shinpads, gloves are required. Chin strap MUST be fastened on helmet while on the ice.
  • All players must wear matching team jersey that they have bought on their own or through the league. Players must wear the same jersey all season. If a player wishes to switch their jersey with another player please inform the league director and scorekeeper.  
  • If a team wants to use a substitute player they must contact the league director first. You cannot give your jersey to another player to play in your place for a game. 
  • Each team has been assigned a captain. If you are going to miss a game please inform your captain and they will relay the message.
  • Each captain or fill-in captain must fill out a roster of the players playing in each game and give it to the referee or league director. The roster must include each players full name and number.
  • Each team must bring their own pucks to warm-up with and supply 2 pucks to the ref for their game, which will be returned prior to gameplay.
  • Absolutely NO players or pucks on the ice until the Zamboni doors are shut. This is strictly enforced by the rink staff and we could lose our ice time.
  • All players should abide by the rink rules (including drinking and smoking)
  • Other than the rules stated below USA Hockey Rules will be enforced.

Rules of Play:

  • This is a non-checking league. Fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Unsportsmanlike conduct can result in penalty shot(s) for the opposing teams, and ejection from the game and league. The league director will have final say.
  • Slap shots are ALLOWED. No head hunting; shots must be kept under control at all times; must have a open shot to the goal with no players directly in front of the shooter. Referee has the authority to give out a penalty at their own discretion.
  • All games will have three 15-minute periods. A three-minute warm up and 30 second intermissions are also included in every game.
  • Face-offs will only occur at the beginning of each period and after coincidental penalties
  • There is no icing
  • There is no three-line passing. This will be called as offsides. This means a puck cannot be passed from before your own blue line and past the other blue line (does not include goal line) directly to your teammate. If the puck is deflected along the way then the pass is allowed. If the attacking team misses a pass, resulting in a three-line pass, the defending team must touch the puck and attempt to play it. If the referee believes that the defending team is avoiding playing the puck in order to delay the game, the referee may blow the play dead and possession will be given to the attacking team in their own defensive zone. In the event of the attacking team reaching and playing the puck first, the whistle will be blown and the defending team will receive possession of the puck.
  • When play is stopped because of the goaltender covering the puck, or because a goal is scored, a whistle will signal the attacking players to clear to the opposing teams blue line. Once all of the attackers have crossed over to the designated area, the players may re-enter the zone to begin play immediately. They may not challenge the opposition until they have all exited the designated area. The team breaking the puck out can start as soon as the referee signals the play to continue even if the attacking players didn't clear to the blue line yet. The defending team can begin to forecheck in the offensive zone once they have all cleared and the referee signals play to resume (defensive players must wait behind the blue line until ref signals).
  • If the puck goes out of play behind the goal the closest defending team will take the puck out regardless of who touched it last. Usually this is because of a deflection. If the puck goes out of play in the center of the rink than the team that didnÃ??????Ã?????Ã????Ã???Ã??Ã?¢??t touch the puck last will get the puck.
  • If a player purposefully shoots a puck out of play behind their own goal, the other team will receive the puck.
  • Minor penalties will result in penalty shots. Players not taking the penalty shot will line up along the boards behind the shooter and not interfere with the shot in any way, allowing the player plenty of room. The puck will be placed at center ice. The referee will blow the whistle to signal the start of the penalty shot. The goalie cannot leave the crease until the forward touches the puck. After the shot there is no rebound allowed, play resumes per rule 5. The clock will NOT be stopped for the penalty shot unless it is within the last minute of the game. Line changes will be allowed before the shot has been taken. Note: The shooter must have forward momentum at all times.
  • Coincidental penalties Ã??????Ã?????Ã????Ã???Ã??Ã?¢?? both players will be removed from play for two minutes; teams will play full strength. Matching Penalties = Even strength and no penalty shots. A Face-off will follow.
  • Fighting, major penalties, and any unbecoming conduct will not be tolerated and could result in the player being ejected from the league.
  • If a player gets three minor penalties in a game they will be ejected from the game.
  • The clock will stop within the last minute of the game for any penalty or if the puck travels out of play.
  • Each team is allowed one (1) 30 second time out.
  • There will be no overtime games except in the finals. In the finals there will be a three-minute sudden death OT, and if no one scores there will be a three person shootout, which then continues to one round at a time sudden death. During Regular season, a tied game goes straight to shootout (same shootout rules as in play-offs).
  • On a delayed penalty, teams cannot pull their goalie. A team cannot pull their goalie at any time, even at the end of a game. If a team shows up without a goalie they will forfeit.
  • Hand passes are only allowed in the defensive zone (Own blue line and in).
  • All teams must have a goalie (in goalie equipment or the game will be forfeited). If a goalie is running late, the clock will start after the 3 minute warm-up but the game will not officially start until the goalie is on the ice. The team with the goalie running late will be given a penalty at the start of the game.
  • Goalies can not be pulled at the end of the game or for a delayed penalty. They must be on the ice at all times. Goalies are free to go anywhere behind their own red line, but once they leave the goalie area they cannot cover up the puck.
  • A player must be present for at least one-third (1/3) of a team's regular season games (rounded up) to be eligible to play in that team's playoffs.


  • If games are tied at the end of regulation then there will be a 3 minute sudden death OT. If the game is still tied there will be a shootout. Format will follow the shootout rules listed above.


  • Home Team has choice of which team shoots first.
  • Three Player Shoot-Out: Teams alternate players shooting until three players from each team have had one shot and an advantage is held.
  • If the score remains tied, one additional player from each team shoots until an advantage is held.
  • No player may shoot more than once until every eligible player on their team has taken a shot.


Seeding for playoffs and tournaments will be based on the following unless otherwise noted:
1. W-L
2. Head-to-Head
3. Goal Differential
4. Goals Against
5. Goals For
6. Least Amount of Penalty Minutes
7. Coin Toss
Picking Sides:

  • The home team gets to choose what side of the rink to start on. Teams will switch ends at the conclusion of the first period but will remain on the same bench.

Line Changing:

  • Players can change on the fly when needed.

 For the purpose of ejections and suspensions, there are no refunds written, implied, or expressed!

*Referee has final say in all aspects of the game being played*
**League Director has final say in all aspects of the league**

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