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    Summer 2019 Playoff Schedule Posted

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    Fall Youth League Registration Open

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General League Rules & Info

Other than rules specifically stated, USA Hockey Rules will be enforced.

*Referee has final say in all aspects of the game being played*

**League Director has final say in all aspects of the league**

Any questions/comments/reports of violations can be sent to

All reports of violations are seriously considered, including video review of incidents when available.


  • Adult leagues -  All players must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the first game of the season
  • Youth leagues - All players must be under 18 years of age at the time of the first game of the season
  • All players, including substitutes,
    • Must be registered with MA Hockey League for the correct league
    • Must have signed an electronic or paper waiver in order to participate

Equipment Requirements


  • A minimum of a helmet, shin pads, gloves are required, although full equipment is recommended.
  • Rookie Adults: a minimum of a half-shield is also recommended, although a full-cage/shield is preferred.
  • ADULTS: helmets must have at least one working strap/buckle and must be secured while on the ice.
  • REPEAT: Chin strap MUST be fastened while on ice.


  • Full equipment is required (fully working, non-expired helmet with full-cage/shield, pants, elbow and shoulder pads and gloves.
  • Mouth guards are required for USA Hockey sanctioned games.


  • All players must wear matching team jersey - bought on their own or through the league.
  • Players must have a unique number.
  • Players must wear the same jersey all season.
  • You cannot give your jersey to another player to play in your place for a game.
  • If a player wishes to switch their jersey with another player please inform the league director and scorekeeper.
  • Substitute players are not exempt from the Jersey rule, in any way.
  • Players not conforming to the Jersey rule may be given a game ejection penalty.
  • In the event of two teams having similar uniform colors, the AWAY team will be required to change. In such an instance, the above Jersey rules still apply, however, player numbers may differ from the playerâ??s registered information. Please check-in with the scorekeeper in this instance.
  • Teams may use scrimmage vests to differentiate uniform color. It is the team captainâ??s responsibility to check with the rink/league staff to determine if vests are available and to organize a secondary uniform color.

Using substitute players (subs)

  • If a team wants to use a substitute player the team captain, or co-captain, must contact the league director FIRST.
  • Substitute players must be registered with MA Hockey League and sign a waiver BEFORE participating.  
  • You cannot give your jersey to another player to play in your place for a game.

Missing a game

Each team has been assigned a captain. If you are going to miss a game, then please inform your captain and they will relay the message.


  • At each game, each captain or fill-in captain must fill out the roster on the score sheet (or check it for accuracy) of the participating players for each game and give it to the referee or league director.
  • The roster must include each playerâ??s full name and jersey number.
  • Subs must be pre-approved by Matt, registered for current league, have signed waiver and follow MAHL rules, including jersey rules.


  • Each team must bring their own pucks to warm-up with and supply 2 pucks to the ref for their game, which will be returned at the end of the game.
  • Absolutely NO players or pucks on the ice until the Zamboni doors are shut. This is strictly enforced by the rink staff and we could lose our ice time.

Player conduct and drinking policy

  • All players should abide by the rink rules (including drinking and smoking)
  • Absolutely no drinking alcohol on the bench
  • REPEAT: No drinking on bench; no beer/alcohol cans/bottles etc. in trash cans
  • Be a nice human


  • All leagues are NON -CHECKING and checking is not allowed.
  • Bumping a player may be considered a penalty at the discretion of the on-ice officials.
  • Deliberate contact is not allowed.


  • Fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated
  • Anyone who STARTS a fight will be given a Game Misconduct and immediately ejected from the game and the league.
  • Anyone who PARTICIPATES in a fight will be given a Game Misconduct, immediately ejected and subject to a suspension or ejection from the league, pending a review.
  • Any ATTEMPT to join an altercation from the ice or bench will result in a Game Misconduct and immediate removal from the game.
  • Upon league review, if it is determined a player involved in an altercation did not fight, the league director may downgrade the Game Misconduct to a Game ejection. Please note, there will be NO game ejection penalties directly given for being involved in an altercation.
  • Players who are kicked out of the league for fighting will forfeit any league fees paid.
  • Any player who receives a major penalty or misconduct penalty within the last 5 minutes of the 3rd period of any game will be automatically suspended for the next two (2) league games.
  • If a player plays in multiple MAHL leagues, they will not be eligible to play in any MAHL games until the suspension is served (regardless of rink location or night).
  • This is in addition to any other suspensions that may be incurred due to the nature of the penalty or the three penalty rule. A second violation of this rule will result in expulsion from the league and a forfeit of any league fees paid.

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